Write Field: Retirement

David Kragnes' Write Field considers his next frontier: retiring from farming.

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Dustin Wolf submitted this photo of sunset over a sugarbeet field in Drayton, North Dakota. Dustin Wolf

It feels a lot like I’m quitting,

While using the label retire.

My emotions are swinging from giddy,

To the horror of a funeral pyre.


Now feeling old’s not been a problem,

In fact it came on much too quick.

Aging’s a task that came easy,

I never worked at it a lick.

And yet here it is upon me,

Most mornings it’s easy to tell,

I haven’t every time treated,


All of my body parts well.

The aches and the pains they remind me,

That some bumps and bruises will last.

And in the evening I’m hearing,

Tractors from out of the past.

So physically I guess I’m ready,


For that retirement date.

The problem just ain’t with my body.

I’m working on my mental state.

Quitting that which I’ve been doing,

Since I was just a small lad,

It’s hard to turn round that corner,

Not look back and feel a bit sad.

I’ve been incredibly lucky,

On this almost fifty year run.

We just finished up a good harvest,

And finishing strong was sure fun.

So what is next up for David?

What passion will make my heart throb?

I guess at least for the moment,

I’ve still got my poetry job!

David Kragnes farms near Felton, Minn. He is a former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Company, he currently serves on the CoBank Board of Directors.

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