Write Field: Lucky???

David Kragnes' Write Field poem for The Sugarbeet Grower magazine.

The Sugarbeet Grower file photo.


I’m either lucky or stupid,
That, is a hard place to be.
I never give myself credit,
If good things should happen to me.

Yet I am always to blame for
Everything that has gone bad.
I’m often at myself angry,
And it’s hard not to be sad.

I’m lucky that I got that planted.
That was a dumb time to sell!
It’s good luck if it all works out,
But my fault if things go to hell.

Why do we farmers all do that?
To ourselves and our neighbors too?
We never give ourselves credit,
For all of the good things we do.


“He’s lucky he got that planted”
Really? Was it all luck?
Who had that planter all ready?
Who got the seed in the truck?

Who was out working till midnight,
To finish in time for the rain?
Who keeps on going in harvest.
When tiredness borders on pain?

“That was a dumb time to sell it”
Oh how easy to lament.
We can feel bad every moment
For all of the time we have spent,

Studying charts drawn by experts,
And reading about China’s needs,
Our thoughts can get so entangled,
Our brain goes off into the weeds.

Have you once ever been happy?
With a grain sale, my wife will ask,
Can’t you just put it behind you?
Focus on some other task?

She’s right, because on average,
I’ve done some things that were good.
And there are others, successful,
Living in my neighborhood.

So as springtime comes upon us,
And new leaves bring joy to our heart.
Let’s all try making a promise
Give self respect a new start.

Give credit for good things that happen,
Don’t charge all the good things to luck.
And don’t think of your self as stupid,
If by some chance you get stuck.


Plant safe. David

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