Upon taking over as the new president of the American Sugarbeet Growers Association, the first item of business for Galen Lee was to recognize and thank his predecessor, John Snyder of Worland, Wyo. "John represents the growers of the smallest beet sugar company in the country (Wyoming Sugar)," Lee noted. "He is living proof that big things in fact do come in small packages." While affirming that Snyder’s list of accomplishments and contributions to the sugar industry are vast, Lee zeroed in on six key areas: ​ •; Snyder helped lead the transition of the Worland factory from Holly Sugar to the farmer-owned Wyoming Sugar Company. •; Wyoming Sugar was the first growing area to commercially plant Roundup Ready® sugarbeets. That was in 2007. •; "During our five and a half years of litigation over Roundup Ready sugarbeets, John was selected by legal counsel as the one grower in the country to take the stand in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco to defend our new technology."

•; "John was part of the negotiating team to design antidumping and countervailing suspension agreements between the U.S. and Mexican governments. His work is not over, as he will become the new member of the [U.S. sugar industry’s] Mexican Task Force that will work with the Mexican industry to make sure the suspension agreements work properly for at least the next five years." •; "John oversaw the negotiation of the sugar provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the largest trade agreement in our nation’s history." •; "Under John’s watch, he encouraged and supported the launch of the biotech spokeswomen project to tell our biotech story on the Internet" and in other venues. In presenting Snyder with a plaque of appreciation for his exceptional service to ASGA, Lee noted that "John’s strong family and his deep faith have been the cornerstones of his strength and leadership for our industry." ​

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