Making those last cookies or preparing some pies for Christmas and you're not sure you have the right kind of sugar? Don't worry, says The Sugar Association.

The Sugar Association is the scientific voice of the U.S. sugar industry. And in a couple social media and blog posts, they explain some sugar facts and tips that can save you from that late night shopping spree.

The association offers a resources guide with answers to a lot of questions, including whether sugar spoils. (It doesn't.) There also are some other facts and answers there, as well as information about other uses for sugar.

But to the point at hand, with less than a week to go before Christmas: Are you running low on powdered sugar to sprinkle, snow like, on your baked goods? As long as you have regular white sugar and a little cornstarch, you can make it work, the Sugar Association explains in this video:

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And it's not just powdered sugar you can make from white sugar. As The Sugar Association explains, all sugar is derived from sugarbeets or sugar cane, so with a little molasses, you can transform white sugar into brown sugar. Here's a video showing how that works: