Planting may still be at a standstill for sugarbeet growers in the Red River Valley and southern Minnesota but across the country, until recently, sugarbeets had been going into the ground at a rapid rate.

Amalgamated Sugar: Amalgamated Sugar is over 60% planted, with a majority of that acreage being in the Treasure Valley and Twin Falls growing regions. Planting has been delayed due to erratic weather (wind/rain/snow) in the Mini-Cassia and Upper Snake growing regions. Looking at the forecast, we should see a sharp increase in planting this weekend in the Mini-Cassia and Upper Snake regions.

There are currently 500 acres of replanted sugarbeets, which are located in the Treasure Valley area.

Michigan Sugar: As of April 14, 100,000 acres planted had been planted by Michigan Sugar growers. The company expects to plant about 160,000 acres, putting their planting progress at 64% completed. At this time last year, only 22% of the crop planted.

In a report earlier this week, the company stated that they are “off to a fantastic start” and that some of the first beets are started to emerge last weekend.

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Planting has been slowed this week due to weather and overnight low temperatures are becoming a concern.

The first 24 acres of Michigan Sugar beets were planted on March 15 by a grower in Ontario. About 10,000 acres of sugarbeets are grown in Ontario.

North Dakota/Minnesota: Nick Revier, regional sales manager for SESVanderHave, said right now North Dakota and Minnesota growers are waiting on soil temperatures to warm up and soil conditions to dry up after the recent rain and snow.

“The sooner we get the crop planted, the better potential we have for bigger yields in the fall. But we only have one chance and we want to do it right. If we put the seed into ground that isn’t fit in which to be planted, then all of the sudden those goals of a stand of 48,000 (plants per acre) diminish to 35 or 40,000,” he said.

According to the latest USDA Crop Progress report released on April 12, North Dakota had 5% of its acres planted with Minnesota at 1%.

Western Sugar: As of April 15, Western Sugar was 25% planted with approximately 28,000 acres. The co-op is currently experiencing cold with rain and snow showers. Jerry Darnell, Vice President of Agriculture, South Region, noted that it will be next week before planting resumes. The extended forecast for the southern Western Sugar growing area (northeast Colorado, southeast Wyoming, and the panhandle of Nebraska) shows overnight low temperatures before freeze through Wednesday, April 21st.

Nationwide, sugarbeet planting is 17% complete according to the USDA.

The USDA Prospective Planting report in March estimated 1.169 million acres of sugarbeets would be planted in the U.S. in 2021, a 0.6% increase from 2020.