We’re now at the last final timeline,

When I must pick out my seed.

Springtime is just round the corner,

I mostly know what I need.

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Of course if soybeans keep surging,

I just might some acres switch,

And what with corn prices higher,

I’m planting close to the ditch.

Which means I need a bit extra,

To plant that one extra row.

I’ll squeeze a plant in wherever

I think I can get it to grow.

My catalog stack has been growing,

I’ve had some for quite a while,

Dealers have been stopping over,

And adding some more to the pile.

The sales staff all want to tell me,

About their next newest trait.

I want to know what the cost is,

The bottom line will have to wait.

They dodge and they duck with descriptions,

Of resistance to spray and to bugs,

In their bag they have protection,

For all things from heads scab to slugs.

Do I want some plants that grow taller?

Or spread out more close to the ground?

Or that will be ripe two days faster,

Than anything else that’s around?

They’ll scare me with graphic descriptions,

Of some bad new insect or pox,

And we’ve not yet touched the question,

Do I want it bag, bulk or box?

There are just too many options,

I’m starting to feel like a rube.

My brain is starting to throb from

Solving the seed Rubix cube.

Again I am asking for some way,

To enhance my small buying power.

It seems that the discounts all ended,

When last year’s beans started to flower.

Now for the deciding factor!

The answer’s not in the seed packet,

It all comes down to which dealer,

Hands out the prettiest jacket.

David Kragnes is a former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Company. He currently serves on the CoBank Board of Directors.