By Duane Peters | Agricultural Manager for Sidney Sugars

The 2019 spring had excessive flooding in the Sidney Sugars growing region; flooding that has never been seen before. This caused some fields to be abandoned from planting. Once the beets were planted, moisture became a common occurrence. When growers were ready to spray herbicides, rain slowed the process. When it was time to apply fungicide, rain slowed the process. We did notice higher root diseases due to weather conditions. September brought the wettest month in history, anywhere from 9-13" rainfall. This delayed the pre-pile start of our campaign. We were not able to start harvest in earnest until October 7. From there, harvesting could only be done in between the frost periods of weather. Harvest completed on November 5, with 32 tons per acre and 17 percent sugar. Tare was the highest we had seen in over 20 years at 5.63 percent.

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