Write Field: Let’s Welcome '23

In his latest Write Field poem, David Kragnes reflects on New Year's resolutions.

A pile of papers and folders
David Kragnes can accept his wife's resolution about him losing weight. But he's afraid one about tidying up his desk will lead to her wanting him to clean up his farm shop, too.
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New Year’s Eve is gone and
Resolutions have been made,
I have pleaded with my wife,
Her opinion’s not been swayed.

WE believe the goals WE’ve set,
Are reasonable and fair.
I sit and listen to her thoughts,
From my favorite chair.

Of course weight loss is on the list,
There’s no way it would not,
The number that’s been bantied ‘bout,
Seems like an awful lot.

I must admit, she’s right on this,
Each pound’s a small percent,
A single digit loss just really
Wouldn’t make a dent.

OK so let’s check that one off,
I surely must agree,
Better health would likely come,
With a smaller me.


With that success behind her,
She moves to other things,
I fear there is momentum,
That that early victory brings.

She’s suddenly emboldened,
Suggests it would be good,
If in my office, on my desk,
You actually could see wood.

Instead of stacks of papers,
And stuff in disarray,
Projects barely started,
Then left another day,

Coupons saved for many things,
Some that have expired,
Books I told myself to read,
When I first retired,

‘Magazines with articles,
I want to read again,
Lists made with priorities,
Numbered one through ten.

She’s right again, the mess I’ve made,
Over many years,
Would bring a tidy person nearly,
To the brink of tears.

But now I’ve gotten nervous,
Sweat starts to make me damp,
I feel my shoulders tension up,
My stomach starts to cramp.

Cleaning can get out of hand,
This madness needs to stop,
Cuz my whole year is spoken for,
If she thinks of my shop.


David Kragnes is retired from farming near Felton, Minn. He is a former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Company. He currently serves on the CoBank Board of Directors.

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