A call for higher blends of ethanol in Minnesota

Letter writer advocates for higher blends of alcohol in Minnesota.

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As a longtime advocate for biofuels , I understand the many reasons to support increasing the amount of ethanol in our transportation fuel. Higher blends of ethanol reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deliver higher octane at a lower cost, and provide significant economic benefits here at home.

I’m very excited to see proposals being debated right now at the Minnesota Legislature that would increase the amount of ethanol in our transportation fuel. These proposals to use more Minnesota-grown biofuels have the support of both Republican and Democratic legislators and Governor Tim Walz. Higher blends of ethanol are a better fuel for Minnesota .

Out-of-state big oil sees things differently.

Out-of-state big oil sees market share disappearing and they are not about to let family farmers or other biofuels advocates get in the way of their profit margins with these proposals.

Coordinated and targeted misinformation campaigns by big oil interests and their allies against ethanol have been going on for years. This year is no exception, and I’m sick of it. It’s misleading. It’s dishonest. And it’s certainly not Minnesotan.


It’s time for farmers, rural Minnesotans and everyone who drives a vehicle to hit back.

To my fellow Minnesotans, it really comes down to this: Should we do what’s best for Minnesota’s clean energy future and support our own state’s farm economy? Or do we bow down to the interests of out-of-state big oil corporations?

Sometimes the choices in life are that simple. This is one of those times. Let’s make the right choice. Tell your legislator to support higher blends of ethanol and Minnesota farmers now at

Chad Willis


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