New episodes of Soil Sense Podcast coming

Podcast features soil health information from a variety of sources.

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The Soil Sense Podcast is spreading information on soil health across the globe. (Submitted photo)

With over 13,000 plays of the first series of the Soil Sense Podcast, we’ve recorded a second series — releasing one per week for 15 weeks starting March 2.

This podcast, hosted by Tim Hammerich, highlights how building healthier soils is not just a prescription, but rather a pursuit. A journey requiring collaboration, curiosity, and communication among farmers, agricultural researchers, agronomists, consultants and Extension. In the podcast, you’ll hear their stories and discover how they’re working together to make sense out of what’s happening in the soil.

The podcast can be found at, where we have photos of the individuals interviewed, notes about the content, links to each episode and additional resources (videos and weblinks) to supplement information discussed in each episode. The podcast is available on nine platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify and Anchor to name a few. You can download the apps and subscribe to get the latest episodes. It’s a great way to get new ideas about soil health to get ready for the 2020 cropping season.

Episodes highlight partnerships, soil fertility concerns and approaches, earthworm dynamics, salinity management, grazing cover crops, strip till and cover crops, evaluating Extension programs to benefit farmers, education opportunities for modern agriculture in unexpected places, transitioning to soil health practices, background on soil health in North Dakota, intercropping, cereal rye varieties and ND state seed information and more!

On a personal note, and I think this is reflected among all who contributed to the podcast, I am very proud of our partnerships in the Northern Plains, especially North Dakota. We have built a network that helps us move forward both creatively and efficiently. From the funding of this podcast from the North Dakota Corn Council and North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture and Education to those who were willing to talk about their experiences — we are sharing information openly in hopes that we can all move forward in our understanding and application of soil health practices.


The podcast also reflects that there are multiple resources for information —including North Dakota State University, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Agricultural Research Service, Soil Conservation Districts, trusted advisers like consultants and farmers.

Our neighboring states and provinces also have resources that we can tap into to expand our knowledge. It’s the partnerships among these organizations and individuals that is unique and is how we are leading soil health efforts. Be proud of what we’ve accomplished and be hungry to push further!

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