Like many Agweek readers, I generally ignore the plethora of special days, weeks and months that various organizations and government entities proclaim. But as numerous emails today are reminding me, Wednesday, Dec. 5, is World Soil Day.

Agweek readers don't need any sermons about soil's importance. They realize its value. 

The phrase "precious, irreplaceable topsoil" has been used so often that it's become a cliche. But it's true nonetheless. Our topsoil really is precious. And it really is (virtually) irreplaceable. Most soil scientists agree it takes at least a century - and as many as five centuries, depending on climate, vegetation and other factors - to form an inch of topsoil, according to federal government information.

These "special" days, weeks and months have become so common that they're no longer special and usually don't warrant attention, in my humble estimation.  But I'll gladly spend a few moments to acknowledge World Soil Day.


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