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What's your favorite farm town name?

 BLACKDUCK, Minn. -- One of the many good things about working at Agweek is visiting farm towns across the Upper Midwest. Sometimes I've been in the town many times, sometimes it's my first visit.

Today, for the first time, I'm in Blackduck, Minn., a town of about 800 north of Bemidji. My story from the trip will run in the July 23 issue of Agweek.

Blackduck's economy is much more diverse than that of many Upper Midwest towns, so, though ag is important here, "farm town" probably isn't the best way to describe it. In any case, it's a nice town and -- like quite a few towns in the Upper Midwest -- has a great name. 

My favorite farm town name is Moccasin, Mont., which I visited a few years ago to write the story I called "The Man from Moccasin, Mont." Hard to top that for alliteration. 

What's your favorite Upper Midwest farm town name?