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Classic country song, Agweek headline have this in common

Most of us, at one time or another, have had part of a song get stuck in our mind. A snippet of the lyrics or melody, or both, keeps running through our heads.

It happened to me when I wrote the Feb. 5 Agweek cover package on the "How Far North Can We Grow? 49th Parallel Cover Crop Project," which seeks to enhance the use of cover crops in northeast North Dakota. When it came time to write the headline, the song snippet running through my head allowed only one choice:

"Way Up North."

A few Agweek readers will remember Johnny Horton, a top country music star in the late 1950s. He was killed, at the peak of his career, in a car accident in 1960. But before he died, he recorded such classics as "Sink the Bismarck," "Battle of New Orleans," and "North to Alaska" -- and the last of these includes the catchy phrase, "way up north." That phrase got stuck in my head, and thus the headline.

Classic song. Innovative, interesting project.

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