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By following the "less is more" philosophy, we can be filled with an abundance of what matters and less of the things that really don’t. (Submitted photo)

Less is more in 2018

You know what they say about New Year's resolutions — they are meant to be broken. We all start the new calendar year with great intentions, but according to Statistic Brain, of the people who make resolutions for change in the new year, less than 50 percent are still sticking to their goals by the end of the first month and a whopping 42.4 percent consistently fail on their resolutions each year.

Now that we have the bad news out of the way, 2018 can be a fresh start and the year we finally succeed at our goals. So what do we want to achieve and how will we get there?

Statistic Brain's survey from 2017 revealed the top 10 resolutions for Americans. They included losing weight, self improvement, better financial decisions, quit smoking, do more exciting things, spend more time with family and friends, learn something new, do more good deeds for others, find the love of my life and find a better job.

Personally, I'm striving to live more minimally in 2018. In 2017, I joined a minimalist mom group on Facebook in attempt to better streamline my life and juggle two toddlers, a working cattle ranch and my freelance business. What I learned was living minimally means many things depending on who you ask, but for me, it meant "less is more" in all aspects of my life.

Less mess by having less stuff in the house.

Less stress by scheduling fewer activities.

Less financial burdens by spending fewer dollars on unnecessary items.

Less frustration by not trying to do it all as a work-at-home mom.

Less hassle because I'm no longer trying to juggle too much at once.

For many, when we hear less, we think we are going to do without and make sacrifices to our standard of living. For me, once I started clearing the clutter from my home, my mind became sharper; my actions became more purposeful; my house became more functional; my diet became more healthful; my energy increased; my joy raised tenfold; and my heart filled with things that mattered instead of being bogged down with the things that didn't.

I accomplished this by combing through my house — room by room — and getting rid of junk in drawers, old clothes we no longer wear and items we've long forgotten and don't need that have been stuffed in the back of closets. We pared down on toys and found a home for everything we use. We organized office supplies, spruced up our filing system, painted rooms to give them a fresh look and gave the house an overhaul to make it more functional for our young family and to reduce the amount of stuff taking up space in our home.

In 2018, I won't be setting a New Year's resolution. It's just one more thing to take up space in my head. Instead, I'll be working on the "less is more" philosophy that my family started following in 2017.

And with a third baby on the way this spring, I've got plenty of motivation to want to follow the "less is more" policy. We'll be busy calving cows, hauling pairs to pasture, delivering bulls to our customers and preparing for the summer hay baling season. There will be little time to waste, and I want to spend the hours we do have together wisely.

In 2018, we'll enjoy our family time, not cleaning and shuffling around our stuff, but by spending time outside, teaching our kids important life lessons on the ranch, putting down the cell phones and really focusing on each other. Because after all, it's not the things we have that matter the most, but the people we choose to spend our lives with.

Happy New Year from my ranch to yours. May your 2018 be filled with an abundance of what matters and less of the things that really don't.