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'I don't need farmers'

Bloomington, Minn. -- A rancher here at the annual meeting of the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association just told me about one of his experiences, and I'll pass it along. There's a question from me at the end:

The rancher was at a meeting where a controversial issue was being discussed. The rancher stressed the importance of a particular ag practice to ranchers and farmers.

Another person there, an urban resident, wasn't impressed. "I don't need farmers. I shop at farmers markets,"  the urbanite said.

I'm certain Agweek readers will see the logical shortcomings of that argument.

{And just so there's no misunderstanding: This isn't a knock on farmers markets. They provide wonderful opportunities for some ag producers, and create more choice for consumers. Those are both very good things.)

Now here's my question: How would you respond to that urban resident's argument: