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Photo by Nick Nelson, Agweek

Agweek readers: Recognize this plant?

CHASE LAKE, N.D. -- One of the many enjoyable aspects of working at Agweek, and covering agriculture, is the opportunity to learn or see new things nearly every day. Yet another example came on a recent story trip to North Dakota's Chase Lake.

There it was in the pasture: wild ground plums, half hidden among the prairie grass and flowers. I've seen wild plums -- the kind that grow on trees -- on my family farm in North Dakota many times. Eaten them, too. But this was, to the best of my knowledge, the first time I'd seen wild ground plums. If I had seen them before, which is possible, I hadn't recognized them for what they were.

The story from Chase Lake, which I think will interest anyone with an interest in livestock, nature or history will appear in Agweek in July.

Well, I wonder what new thing I'll learn or see today?

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