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This phrase reveals whether you're an old or young aggie

A few years ago, I was talking with a veteran Upper Midwest agriculturalist about crop conditions in his immediate area. He mentioned a recent shower and described it as the "million-dollar rain." Then he stopped, chuckled ruefully and said, "I should probably stop using that term. It show my age. Nobody young uses it any more."

I told him I'm not young, either, and that I understood perfectly well what he meant: a million-dollar rain is timely, much-needed rain that greatly helps the growing crop and ultimately will put money into the pockets of farmers, ranchers and the businesses that serve them.

But my decidedly unscientific and informal survey over the past few years indicates that the veteran agriculturalist was right: young aggies just shrug when asked if they know what the phrase means.

Well, OK, times have changed, and I don't use the phrase in news stories. But I still use it when I talk with other aging aggies.

Know any other ag phrases that indicate your age? If so, share them here.

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