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Jonathan Knutson, Agweek

Ag Right: Proud of your small town?

BINFORD, N.D. — I once attended a meeting in Fargo, N.D., the state’s biggest city, that featured a U.S. Department of Agriculture big shot from Washington, D.C. He began his presentation by saying he enjoyed coming to “small towns” like Fargo. Audience members — mostly farmers and ranchers from small towns — rolled their eyes.

Today, I was in Binford, a farm town of about 200 in North Dakota’s Griggs County, for a future Agweek cover. I’ve been in Binford many times through the years for both professional and personal reasons. (I grew up in nearby McVille, N.D.) The mural in the photo I took today is on the wall of a Binford business.

I doubt anyone will roll their eyes when I say that Binford is a small town. It’s also a town with a lot to be proud of: a high-for-its-size number of businesses and many loyal, committed residents. Yes, the two go hand in hand.

Binford, though unusual, isn’t unique. There are other towns in Agweek country that can say the same. (I know, I’ve visited some of them.) If you’re proud of your small town, drop me a line and tell me why.

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