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Wanted: Your thoughts on farmland rental rate trends

I've written many times through the years about farmland rental rates. The long list of stories includes my annual Agweek cover package on farmland rental rate trends.  The annual covers draw a fair amount of response: people, both farmers and landlords, have come up to talk with me about the subject at farm shows and meetings. One guy even brought it with me at the grocery store, which was fine.

I've working on the 2019 cover package, which will run later in January. (Actually, I work on it throughout the year, talking about it with people in ag. But most of the reporting for the story will come in the next few weeks.)

The cover stories draw primarily on what impartial experts say, but the thoughts of landlords and farmers are important, too. If you own land or rent it, or have some other stake in the issue, feel free to mail me your insights and perspectives.

Please remember I'm neither an advocate for farmers nor an advocate for landlords. My only goal is presenting this often controversial, always important subject as accurately and fairly as possible.