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Weather Talk: Colder, snowier winter possible

With a full month of summer remaining, it might well be unpopular to bring up the topic of winter weather. Nevertheless, I find myself wondering what sort of winter will come our way.

Last winter was one of the mildest in Fargo Moorhead history. Snowfall, for the fourth consecutive winter, was below average. Our recent run of relatively mild and snow-less probably means an average sort of winter would likely be taken as cold and snowy by most people.

The National Climate Prediction Center is placing our region in an “equal chances” non-forecast for winter temperature. However, the CPC is suggesting a likelihood of a wet finish to winter followed by a wet spring.

Although Earth’s temperature is rising and our local winters have been on a warming trend for decades, each individual winter can be separate from these general trends. With this in mind, we might be due for a colder, snowier winter.