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We’ve redesigned our website to improve your digital news experience

In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best ag news experience, Agweek is excited to announce a newly redesigned website with features tailored to help you easily find your industry news, market reports, weather and more.

We're excited to announce our newly redesigned website.
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Easier to use and faster to find — that’s the kind of news experience you deserve. Our redesigned website offers you an improved layout and navigation along with other enhancements designed for you to easily see and access the latest local news and stories you care about.

Here are some of the key enhancements you’ll enjoy with the updated Agweek site:

Simplified navigation
Find the news you want easily with our improved site navigation, including a new “Hot Topics” bar, which highlights the ag content that’s most important right now.


Improved mobile experience
Enjoy a fully mobile-optimized news experience with straightforward navigation, faster page loading and a more modern user experience for when you want to get your ag news on the go.


Faster load times
We’ve optimized our site performance so pages load faster, saving you time and making it easier to read more ag content.



Easier access to your FCC network
Access every story on Agweek and from across the region with our 20 + news sites to stay informed on the communities you care about.


Enhanced account profile page
Find all your account information and subscriber benefits and make any changes to your subscription in one easy-to-use spot.


Revamped Opinion Section
We’ve updated our Opinion section to make it easier for readers to distinguish ag news and fact from opinions shared by columnists or community members. With distinct typography choices for opinion pieces, our redesigned experience makes it easier for readers to identify the type of content they’re reading.


Fewer non-local ads
We’ve reserved our best ad real estate for our local advertisers, which means readers have fewer disruptions and, when you are served with ads, they will be more relevant to you.


Better content discoverability
With our website redesign, we have also transitioned to using a more flexible, content management system that enables our journalists to adjust homepage layout, article formatting and content recommendations quickly and easily, improving your ability to discover important ag news fast.

Your Customer Success team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your subscription. Simply email Customer Success at or call 800-274-5445. We also welcome you to share your thoughts on the redesigned website by taking our short survey at: .

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