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Mother Nature might be treating us to a warmer winter

FARGO—The Climate Prediction Center released their "Long Range Outlook" on what kind of weather we can expect this winter.

"A long-range outlook is a probabilistic outlook, it's not the same as a forecast, it's based on likelihoods, and those likelihoods are based on large-scale weather features that seem to be dominating the weather patterns right now and are expected to over the winter," WDAY StormTracker Meteorologist John Wheeler said. 

And, those patterns are showing our area has a 40 to 50 percent chance of warmer than average temperatures.

"This isn't a forecast that a warm winter is a lock. If your furnace needs repairs, fix it, if your coats worn out, get a new winter coat because even in a mild winter there are spells of very cold weather," Wheeler said. 

We wanted to find out what this means to those in our area, so WDAY hit the parks to find out what people would do if we get that nicer than average winter.

"I'd be able to like jog more, that'd be sweet if I was able to jog more. I don't really like jogging when it's below zero twenty degrees, thirty degrees, twenty probably, otherwise I'd rather stay inside," Fargo resident Tyrell Wallace said. 

Detroit Lakes resident, Shannon Harrison, would also enjoy more time outdoors.

"I would spend a lot more time hiking, I think so, I like a winter hike in the snow, but it'd be a lot nicer with some more sunshine," Detroit Lakes resident Shannon Harrison said.

For Moorhead Resident, Lindsey Johnson, she'd spend her time with the kids.

"Probably take the kids outside a lot more, sledding and playing in the snow, if there's snow as long as it's not windy we're good," Harrison said. 

When you break down the numbers, the chance of us being able to enjoy those outdoor winter activities is about two-thirds which is good, but nothing to bet on.

"If the odds are two to one do you bet everything you own? No. Because, you know might lose and that's what we're looking at here," Wheeler said.