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Duane Wages faces a stiff north wind during a blizzard in this undated photo. (Eric Hylden/Forum News Service)

Surprise: North Dakota winter expected to be cold

A cold winter in North Dakota? Ice? Snow?

You betcha.

Keeping up with tradition, AccuWeather predicts North Dakota will have a cold winter — shocking.

The extended forecast predicts the return of an El Nino weather pattern will influence winter weather throughout the country, though it won't produce anything out of the ordinary for central, landlocked North Dakota.

The report predicts the cold will start with a whisper and end in a shout, with the most bitter temperatures arriving later in the season. January and February are expected to see a dramatic drop in degrees.

There might not be a need to unpack the sleds and skis from storage, however, because AccuWeather predicts a below-normal snowfall and less frequent storms.