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Weather Talk: Peak of summer is here

The peak of summer is here.

Every summer is different, of course. In any given year, the hottest day can happen anytime from May through September. But the sunniest and warmest weather of our year, on average, is from the end of the first week of July through the middle of August.

These next five weeks amount to the time of the year most likely to feel like summer. It is also becoming less likely to be cloudy and rainy. Most of the rain from now through mid-August is likely to come from thunderstorms, many of them at night. So our days are usually sunny and warm.

If you like your summer weather warm and sticky. If you are a fan of fat, ripe, garden tomatoes. The next five weeks are the best of the year. If you do not like these things, summer is a short season in our region. Fall will be here soon enough.