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Weather Talk: In the midst of a long-term warm spell

Day in, day out, our weather warms and cools like it always has. But overlying these regular changes is a long-term warm spell that has lasted for more than two years.

The causes of the long-lasting warm spell are complicated, as climate always is. The general warming of the Earth, and the warming of the Arctic region in particular, may be related to our present warm spell, but the primary culprit has likely been a large area of much warmer than average ocean surface temperatures across the Pacific Ocean.

You may recall that our region had a tough winter and spring in 2013-14 and we endured a long period of generally cool weather from 2008 through 2011. Weather is fickle. A developing El Niño may well deliver another mild winter in 2017-18, or maybe not. At some point, cold weather will return.  Global Warming does not imply that each day, month, or year will be warmer than the one before.