Queen bee or busy bee? Frazee teen is both in her down-home life

Frazee (Minn.) High School Senior Sarah Wendt doesn't sit back and let life pass her by. "Let's see...I'm in student council, National Honor Society, Frazee Students Against Drunk Motoring and more, I've been on the prom committee, Knowledge Bowl...

Sarah Wendt loves everything ag-related. The Frazee senior is headed off to NDSU next year to study agriculture communications. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

Frazee (Minn.) High School Senior Sarah Wendt doesn’t sit back and let life pass her by.

“Let’s see...I’m in student council, National Honor Society, Frazee Students Against Drunk Motoring and more, I’ve been on the prom committee, Knowledge Bowl, and I’m captain of the dance team in Frazee,” said Wendt, who says the Jazz team won state and the High Kick team was the runner up at state. She’s also traveling to Florida this week for a trip to Disneyland, where she’ll be playing tenor saxophone in the marching band.

That may sound like a full load of activities for a high schooler, but it’s just scratching the surface with this 17 year old.

Wendt, who grew up in Frazee, is also vice president of Future Farmers of America in Frazee and is slated to be vice president of FFA’s Region 1 organization next year.

“I’m very active in FFA - I’m going to NDSU next year for Agriculture Communications,” said Wendt, who will be joining her love of agriculture with her skills for marketing and public affairs - skills she learned from the gamut of activities she’s been in.


In addition to FFA, Wendt has also been part of 4H, spending every summer in those barns at the Becker County Fairgrounds.

“I love that time there,” she said, adding that she always brings a calf to the children’s barn. “I love being able to spend time with others in your area that have the same interests and make those connections that last year to year, and see them around with other activities and events, and you just have that special bond with them after spending those days with them.”

Wendt’s passion for the small county fair was put front and center when she was crowned Miss Becker County Fair in 2014. She says she enjoyed being able to spread that joy as she went rode in different area parades, promoting the organization.

Life as a “royal” continued even after she passed that crown on, as she picked another one up at the Steam Thresher’s Reunion in Rollag. It’s there that she was crowned “Rollag Steam Queen”.

“My ancestors...started the steam show up there,” she said. “So I haven’t missed a year there yet.”

Seeing several of her cousins crowned with the honors, Wendt ran for Rollag Steam Queen last year.

“So now I get to run through parades and other steam shows, basically to let people know when it’s going on, and hopefully they’ll come out for it,” she said. “I love the tradition; I love how everything from the past is kept running, and you can walk around and take a step into the past and see what people back then had to go through to get where we are today.”

Wendt is a lifetime member of Rollag now, volunteering to get up at 6 a.m. to help run the shuttle wagon that brings visitors to the ground. She also helps on railroad crossings and drives her tractor through the parade.


Although Wendt says sometimes it does get “a bit stressful” participating in all of the activities she’s in, she loves doing it. They are what has helped shape her into a down-to-earth, ag-loving, family-cherishing girl.

“One day (after college) I’d like to settle down in this area somewhere...maybe Rollag or the Height of Land area or something,” she said. “I want to raise my family here, and I want a big family. My parents both come from big families, and I love having a lot of people around - this is where I want to be.”

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