North Dakota makes a jump on soybean planting; corn 72% good to excellent, USDA Crop Progress report says

The Crop Progress report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released Monday, June 13, 2022, showed there’s more corn in good (59%) or excellent (13%) condition, than at this point last year, when 56% was rated good and 12% excellent.

Early corn plants stick out of dark soil on a sunny day.
Corn planting has caught up to average in the majority of states, and the crop condition is rated highly.
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WASHINGTON — North Dakota made a big jump in soybean planting progress, according to the crop progress report released Monday, June 13.

The Crop Progress report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service also showed U.S. corn crop in mostly fair to good condition. There’s more corn in good (59%) or excellent (13%) condition, than at this point last year, when 56% was rated good and 12% excellent.

Overall, soybeans were 88% planted with 70% in good-to-excellent condition

North Dakota went from 41% of its soybeans planted on June 5 to 75% on June 12, still well behind the normal pace of 94% planted.

Randy Melvin, who farms his brother near Buffalo, North Dakota, west of Fargo, says the saying on his farm is “If the plan isn’t changing the plan isn’t working.”


On Tuesday, June 7, he said he had about a third of the farm left to plant, mostly soybeans and edible beans. By Monday, June 13, that was down to 15% left to plant. He wasn’t sure if they would get into the field that day after some weekend rain.

He said with a cool, wet spring “plans got changed quite a few times,” but the farm is trying to keep fields in a normal rotation.

He figures that on his farm, from Aug. 1, 2021, to the beginning of June 2022, his farm had gotten more than 30 inches of moisture.

“Getting done what we're getting done is pretty remarkable,” Melvin said.

Here are key figures for the Upper Midwest from Monday's report, with figures as of June 12 and few Tweets from producers:


Iowa: 99% planted, 95% emerged. Condition: 1% poor; 13% fair; 68% good; 18% excellent

Minnesota: 98% planted, 85% emerged. Condition: 1% very poor; 3% poor, 38% fair; 49% good; 9% excellent

North Dakota: 90% planted, 50% emerged (down from usual 83%). Condition: 2% very poor; 7% poor, 25% fair; 63% good; 16% excellent


South Dakota: 97% planted, 85% emerged. Condition: 2% poor, 22% fair; 68% good; 8% excellent


Iowa: 97% planted, 84% emerged. Condition: 3% poor; 15% fair; 66% good; 16% excellent

Minnesota: 88% planted, 62% emerged. Condition: 1% very poor; 2% poor; 36% fair; 54% good; 7% excellent

North Dakota: 75% planted, 24% emerged (down from usual 70%). Condition: 3% poor; 39% fair; 52% good; 6% excellent

South Dakota: 93% planted, 55% emerged. Condition: 3% poor; 33% fair; 58% good; 6% excellent


Minnesota: 98% planted.


North Dakota: 98% planted.


North Dakota: 70% planted.

South Dakota: 56% planted.

Spring wheat

Minnesota: 92% planted. Condition: 1% poor; 44% fair; 48% good; 7% excellent

Montana: 99% planted. Condition: 9% very poor; 21% poor; 55% fair; 15% good; none in excellent

North Dakota: 91% planted. Condition: 2% poor; 31% fair; 61% good; 6% excellent

South Dakota: 100% planted. Condition: 15% poor; 28% fair; 56% good; 1% excellent


Minnesota: 89% planted, 58% emerged. Condition: 1% poor; 47% fair; 49% good; 3% excellent.

Montana: 100% planted, 97% emerged. Condition: 14% very poor; 34% poor; 40% fair; 12% good; none in excellent.

North Dakota: 90% planted, 64% emerged. Condition: 1% poor; 26% fair; 67% good; 6% excellent.


Iowa: 99% planted, 98% emerged. Condition: 1% poor; 17% fair; 66% good; 16% excellent.

Minnesota: 94% planted, 82% emerged. Condition: 1% very poor; 1% poor; 34% fair; 54% good; 10% excellent.

North Dakota: 95% planted, 67% emerged. Condition: 1% poor; 19% fair; 76% good; 4% excellent.

South Dakota: 97% planted, 93% emerged. Condition: 9% poor; 35% fair; 52% good; 4% excellent.

Winter wheat

South Dakota: Condition: 2% very poor; 22% poor; 37% fair; 31% good; 8% excellent.

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