Willmar City Council gives Nexyst 360 early access to 137 acres of Industrial Park land

The Willmar City Council approved an early access agreement with Nexyst 360, an agricultural distribution company that wants to purchase 137 acres in the Willmar Industrial Park. The agreement would allow Nexyst 360 to begin developer activities such as surveys, environmental assessments and soil investigations prior to any land sale being completed.

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Nexyst 360 is interested in purchasing more than 130 acres on the western side of the Willmar Industrial Park. The Willmar City Council on Monday, April 18, 2022, approved an early access agreement with the company.
Shelby Lindrud / West Central Tribune

WILLMAR โ€” The potential buyer for up to 137 acres in the Willmar Industrial Park is Nexyst 360, an agricultural distribution company.

To see if the project would be feasible at the location, on the western edge of the park, Nexyst requested an early access agreement with the city. The agreement allows Nexyst to complete development activities such as surveys, environmental site assessments, and soil investigations on the land prior to any sale being finalized. The agreement will be valid for 60 days.

All the land being considered is currently owned by the city of Willmar.

The council approved the agreement unanimously at Monday's council meeting. The council had no questions or comments regarding the agreement.
Based on the company's website, Nexyst 360 wants to change how farmers' crops get from field to consumer by using a network of specialized containers that allow buyers and consumers to know exactly where the food was produced.

According to the company's website, farmers will load their crops directly into a NexBox, a smart container that will not only provide an optimum storage environment for the crop, but also allow all crop data to be download to each NexBox. This information will follow the crop, which will remain in its NexBox until it is delivered to a final buyer. Each container will have a universally unique identifier with a GPS tracking device and an air-quality monitor.


After being loaded at the farm, the full NexBox will then be taken to a NexPad, a regional site where the boxes can be stored before being shipped out using rail, the website says. At the NexPad, which will be built to store 15,000 NexBoxes at a time, the filled boxes will be graded, sealed, dried if needed and stored until shipment. NexPads will also be where NexBoxes are repaired, cleaned and stored empty until needed.

If Nexyst 360 decides to move forward with purchasing any land from the city, the City Council will need to approve the sale. This approval process will include a public hearing.

Nexyst 360 is a Delaware incorporated company and has a St. Cloud post office box as a business address. The company's website is The company's chief executive officer is Jonathan Olmschied of Rice, Minnesota.

Nexyst 360 semi-trailer
A Nexyst 360 promotion photo from its Facebook page of the product loading operation of their container product.
Nexyst 360

Nexyst 360 web site

Nexyst 360 SEC report

Nexyst 360's Facebook page

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