Because of the ongoing drought, Minnesota's governor has again signed an emergency order waiving some regulations on hours of service for truck drivers to allow for more efficient movement of livestock, feed and water supplies for livestock producers.

Executive Order 21-32, signed by Gov. Tim Walz on Monday, Oct. 4, is effective immediately and remains in effect for 30 days, according to the order.

It is the third time in 2021 that Walz has signed a drought-related transportation order to help livestock producers.

On July 28, Walz waived hours of service trucking regulations for moving hay and other forage. On Aug. 27, extended the relief for 30 days and expanded it to include the transportation of livestock, water supplies, and commodities used for or in livestock feed. The need for relief from hours of service requirements continues, according to a news release from the governor's office.

Last month, Walz announced a $10 million drought relief package to support Minnesota farmers and livestock producers. That proposal must still be approved by the Minnesota Legislature, which does not meet again until January.

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The governor’s proposal includes $5 million in rapid response grants to provide drought relief for livestock producers and specialty crop producers. It also includes $5 million for the Rural Finance Authority’s Disaster Recovery Loan Program.