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This semi filled with liquid herbicide sank and tipped over on this muddy minimum maintenance road near Oakes in southeast North Dakota on Thursday. Workers were going to try to upright the truck on Saturday. North Dakota Highway Patrol photo

Semi filled with liquid herbicide tips over after driver takes wrong turn on minimum maintenance road

OAKES, N.D. -- A semi driver hauling liquid herbicide to a farm near Oakes in southeast North Dakota took a wrong turn onto a minimum maintenance dirt road where the vehicle sank and tipped over possibly spilling the herbicide on Thursday morning, Oct. 4.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Tom Herzig said the semi driven by James Goins, 51,  of Loxley, Alabama, is still on its side on the muddy road with plans to try to tip it upright on Saturday, Oct. 6.

He said they don’t know if the 5,000-gallon tank on the semi’s trailer is leaking. “It’s still under investigation,” he said.  It’s possible it’s not leaking at all, Herzig said.

The report said that Goins was incorrectly directed by his GPS down the dirt road on a section line.

He continued by a “no travel advised” sign and the road conditions deteriorated, said the report.

Goins stopped the semi and tried to back out from the area, but the truck and trailer began to sink into the road. The load shifted causing the truck and trailer to roll onto its side, where it still sits.

The driver had only minor injuries, and didn’t require treatment, said the Patrol.

The crash occurred about 9 a.m. on the road about four miles southeast of Oakes.