ADA, Minn. - A woman was killed in a farm accident near Ada on Friday, Nov. 16.

Katie Vilmo of Ada was killed when she was pinned by a hay baler.

She was flown to a Fargo hospital and died the next day.

She is survived by a 3-month-old daughter and husband, Mike Vilmo.

"Katie was just like a second sister to me," said Brady Holte, who grew up near her farm. "She just ... there's like a brightness to her that really shined."

Katie Brommenschenkel was known to be a fierce basketball player at Norman County West and in college.

"When everybody picked teams, everyone wanted Katie to be on their team because she was a brute you know, she was just a tough girl," said Tyler Kolness, a classmate of Katie's since kindergarten.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with medical costs at