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Cow, calf shot while grazing in central Minnesota wildlife refuge

ST. CLOUD -- Someone shot and killed a cow and a calf grazing in the the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge in central Minnesota near St. Cloud.

The Sherburne County sheriff’s office is asking for the public’s help in finding who killed two cows, which were legally grazing on the federal land.

According the the sheriff’s office: Deputies were called Tuesday to the area  and met with a man whose cattle graze on the refuge. He told deputies that he found a cow and a calf on the refuge that had been shot, according to Sheriff Joel Brott.

“The cows appeared to have been deceased for several days based on the decomposition of the animals,” according to a statement from Brott’s office. “The cow was found in a creek and the calf was found about 15 feet away.”

If you know anything, call sheriff’s department investigators at 763-765-3500.

Cattle grazing has been done for years on various public wildlife lands. It’s a benefit to ranchers, but the primary purpose for wildlife managers is the ecological value grazing has on grasslands, as cows mimic the effects that native bison once had.