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Corn from a field in northern Indiana that had some pollination problems. Photo by Alex Norton / Beeson & Associates, Inc.

NORTON: Day two of Midwest Crop Tour sees some corn problems in Indiana

The second day of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour took us through Indiana and Illinois.

Indiana had much more corn variability than expected. 

We all knew that Ohio would have some rough spots but as we moved west into Indiana, I expected to see a more uniformity in the corn crop. 

Our route was not in the major producing areas and we saw two fields that had yields at 100 bushels per acre and below, so many samples from Day 2 were below what others saw. 

However, many other fields were in good health and had decent potential for large production.  

Illinois, on the other hand, consistently held some very good crops and those fields saw plenty of moisture. 

For soybeans, all of the crops looked great. Pod counts were very high and the critical thing to consider was soil moisture. 

Since August and early September are key for the soybean plants to fill the pods, good moisture makes all the difference. 

We did not come to a single field with a lack of moisture and all had huge yield potential.