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EPA approves Syngenta's Acuron Flexi herbicide

FARGO, N.D. — Acuron Flexi, a new corn herbicide, received Environmental Protection Agency approval on Feb. 11, and is expected to be available to the region's farmers in 2016.

Brett R. Miller, a Syngenta research and development scientist based in Fargo, N.D., says state labels for Acuron Flexi are yet to be granted, but are expected in coming weeks. Farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana are likely to find a use for it.

Acuron Flexi as a season-long residual corn herbicide, Miller says. Acuron Flexi is an atrazine-free version of Acuron, a separate chemical that was approved in early 2015.

Both are designed to offer full-rate, full season weed control for corn and are designed to control a broad spectrum of grasses and broad-leaf weeds such as waterhemp, lambsquarters, nightshade, kochia, cocklebur and ragweed. Acuron Flexi includes bicylopyrone - a new herbicide active ingredient that has been under development for several years. That's combined with mesotrione,  both in the HPPD-inhibiting herbicides family, which is in the so-called "Group 27" family of chemical actions. It also includes S-metolachlor, which is a Group Group 15 herbicide. "Acuron Flexi registration timing is going to be nice because we have it early enough to get customers and retailers set up with the product," Miller says.

The atrazine-free Acuron Flexi  will be popular in some markets where atrazine is not desired or restricted. Farmers can tank-mix atrazine or glyphosate with the product. Acuron was available in  limited quantities 2015 but should be widely available in 2016.  Acuron Flexi should be available in limited quantities throughout the region.