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Rock County 4-H presents awards

LUVERNE -- "CSI: Uncovering the Possibilities of 4-H" was the theme for the 2009 Rock County 4-H awards & recognition night Nov. 14. Nearly 160 4-H members, parents, leaders and sponsors attended.

The Rock County 4-H Ambassadors hosted the program, and were recognized for being "on-call" for the county office, and for providing youth leadership to many of our county 4-H programs. Ambies were Courtney Fodness, Katie Klosterbuer, Chelsey Hoogland, Maleeka Sandager, Meagan Stueven, Alex Lovett, Alyssa Osenga, Alyssa Reese, Brittney Richters, Nick Sandager, Lyndsey Fodness, Alysha Kientopf, Nick Mueller, Natalie Stueven, Haley Boltjes, Erin Fick and Erica Marshall.

Cloverbud awards, given to 4-H members in kindergarten through third grade, were presented to Hunter Hamann, Kynzie Hamann, Catherine Petersen, Christine Petersen, Katlin Petronek, William Stegenga, Aleigha Glidewell, Seth Glidewell, Jo-Hannah Ladd, Mary-Frances Ladd, Rebecca Austin, Grace Steensma, Tom Brown, Scot Edwards, Rylee Olson, Shane Osenga, Jacob Raak, Joshua Raak, Carter Boyenga, Simon Boyenga, Anna Huisman, Hannah Kruse, Dalton Popkes, Breanna Richters, Jayson Rops, Jordyn Gyberg, Trevor Mente, Tyler Moss, Cory Bryan, Molly Hulscher, Dylan Nelson, Kylie Uhl and Tacey Baustian.

Fantastic 15 awards, for members in grades 3 through 6, were presented to Ryleigh Beers, Thea Richards, Micah Stensland-Bos, Ethan Marshall, Mira Uithoven, Adam Fodness, Jakob Olson, Andrew Raak, Andrea & Kristoffer Severtson, Casey Klosterbuer, Megan Popkes, Dylan Mente, Mariah Flanagan and Karisa Neels.

Fab 15 awards, presented to youth in grades 7 and up, were given to Maleeka Sandager, Nathan Stensland-Bos, Meagan & Natalie Stueven, Erin Fick, Erica Marshall, Alyssa Reese, Courtney & Lyndsey Fodness, Chelsey Hoogland, Alyssa Osenga, Matthew Raak, Mary Christian, Alysha Kientopf, Nick Mueller and Tricia Neels.

Clover Power awards, for 4-H members in their first and second years in 4-H, were presented to Caitlin Hartman, McKenna Westphal, Spencer Schacht, Dean & Derek Fodness, Makayla Huisman and Dylan Mente.

Project disk awards

Award disks are presented in each of the project areas in 4-H based on the project records the youths complete and submit for judging. Top record winners are:

Animal Science

Beef: Cheyenne Edmundson, Mitch Leuthold, Matthew Raak and Nathan Stensland-Bos.

Dairy: Andrew Raak.

Goat: Tricia Neels.

Horse: Cheyenne Edmundson, Moriah Flanagan, Jakob Olson, Maleeka Sandager and Kayla Wieskus.

Pets: Makayla Huisman, Karisa Neels, Thea Richards and Kelly Sandager.

Poultry: Shane Mueller.

Rabbits: Tannin Johannsen and Nick Mueller.

Sheep: Courtney Fodness, Lyndsey Fodness, Chelsey Hoogland and Cole Hoogland.

Swine: Courtney Fodness, Megan Popkes and Matthew Raak.

General Project Areas

Aerospace: Colton Osenga.

Child & Family Development: Caitlin Hartman, Ashley Olson and Jera Sands.

Clothing & Textiles: Makayla Bakken, Erin Fick, Andrew Raak and Natalie Stueven.

Clowning: Maddy Klamm.

Crafts & Fine Arts: Ryleigh Beers, Haley Boltjes, Mary Christian, Jennifer Fick, Caitlin Hartman, Tannin Johannsen, Erica Marshall, Shane Mueller, Andrew Raak and Andrea Severtson.

Crop Science: Shane Mueller.

Electric: Nathan Stensland- Bos.

Exploring Animals: Nick Mueller, Shane Mueller and Kelly Sandager.

Exploring the Environment: Jaden Flanagan and Andrew Raak.

Fishing Sports: Derek Fodness.

Food & Nutrition: Cheyenne Edmundson, Erin Fick, Caitlin Hartman, Dylan Mente, Nick Mueller, Megan Popkes and Nathan Stensland-Bos.

Forest Resources: Nick Mueller.

Global Connections: Noah Klamm.

Health: Alysha Kientopf and Kayla Wieskus.

Home Environment: Alysha Kientopf, Andrew Raak and Andrea Severtson.

Indoor Gardening: Kristen Baustian.

Lawn & Landscape: Nick Mueller.

Needle Arts: Erin Fick and Natalie Stueven.

Photography: Kristen Baustian, Mary Christian, Kaley Flanagan, Moriah Flanagan, Caitlin Hartman, Cody Larson, Tricia Neels, Andrew Raak, Matthew Raak and Nathan Stensland-Bos.

Plant & Soil Science: Nathan Stensland-Bos.

Potato: Jacob Baustian and Chelsey Hoogland.

Quilting: Caitlin Hartman and Kayla Wieskus.

Robotics: Ben Fick.

Safety: Caitlin Hartman.

Scrapbooking: Mary Christian, Jennifer Fick and Natalie Stueven.

Self-Determined: Tannin Johannsen and Shane Mueller.

Shooting Sports: Jacob Baustian.

Shop/Wood Science: Nick Mueller, Shane Mueller, Matthew Raak, Micah Stensland-Bos and Alex Uhl.

Small Engines: Nick Mueller and Colton Osenga.

Tractor: Nick Mueller.

Vegetable Gardening: Kristen Baustian and Chelsey Hoogland.

Vet Science: Courtney Fodness, Lyndsey Fodness, Kelly Sandager and Natalie Stueven.

Video: Maddy Klamm.

Water/Wetlands: Nick Mueller.

Wildlife/Biology: Deven Porter.

Youth Leadership: Courtney Fodness and Lyndsey Fodness.

Project Achievement awards, considered "once in a lifetime" awards, are given to 4-H members who have done significant work over many years in one project area, and have shared their knowledge with others. Three achievement awards were presented this year, including an achievement award in Clothing & Textiles to Alyssa Reese; an achievement award in Horse to Maleeka Sandager; and a Vet Science achievement award was presented to Courtney Fodness.

The 2009 Rock County recipient of the Key Award was Courtney Fodness.

Outstanding Youth Leader awards were presented to Maleeka Sandager & Chelsey Hoogland.

Scholarship recipients included Maleeka Sandager, Glen's Food Center scholarship; Meagan Stueven, Dennis Schei & Reisch scholarship; Chelsey Hoogland, Reverts Memorial & Reisch scholarship, and Chelsea Ykema, Reisch/4-H Federation scholarship.

Brianna Sandager was presented with the Outstanding Alumnus Award, while Harlan Stueven was presented the Honorary 4-H Award.

Community Pride club awards were presented to Blue Ribbon club, first; and County K-9's, second.

Active Club awards were given to the Denver Go-getters Club (Hardwick area), first; and Blue Ribbon (Hills area), Livewires (Kanaranzi area) and Springdell (Garretson area), in a three-way tie for second place.