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Jeff Beach


Reach Jeff Beach at or call 701-451-5651 (work) or 859-420-1177.
Jeff Beach primarily covers Minnesota and Iowa and works primarily from his home in Moorhead, Minnesota.
Carbon capture pipeline projects is one of his focus areas.

The 2021 drought was most intense in northern Minnesota but producers in all but four Minnesota counties will be eligible for state aid.
Vance Johnson of Breckenridge, Minnesota, has offered up a 60-acre field for five years of study on soil health and conservation practices.
The North Dakota Soybean Processors plant at Casselton and the Green Bison plant at Spiritwood are signs of the growing demand for renewable fuel as well as feed for the livestock industry.
The decision means carbon pipeline companies must file for a siting permit with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Without statewide authority, permitting would have been left up to individual counties along the pipeline route.
Farm Service Agency Administrator Zach Ducheneaux and other officials visited Minnesota farms on May 19 to take a look at the damage from the storm that blew through a week before. High winds ripped apart grain bins and mangled irrigation and other equipment as well as damaging houses and other buildings.
Monday, May 23, deadline looms for drought relief, supplemental agriculture budget.
Summit Carbon Solution's $4.5 billion plan is to connect to 32 ethanol plants in five states: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, sending liquid carbon dioxide from the plants to be stored underground in North Dakota. Summit says the pipeline project will help ethanol plants lower their carbon score by capturing greenhouse gas emissions and piping the CO2 to western North Dakota for underground storage.
Quaal Dairy in Otter Tail County sold off most of its herd in April. Vernon Quaal says the 2021 drought drastically cut into its feed supply and the rising prices for feed made maintaining the 300 cow herd unstainable. Quaal says many dairies are suffering. But he is determined to build back up, with a crop of bred heifers ready to calve in September.
For Ukraine's three main export crops, sunflower production is forecast to be off by 37%, wheat production down by more than 35% and corn production off by 54%, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates are the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s first projections for the 2022-23 crop year.