Emily Beal

Thousands of feedlot cattle in Kansas died from a combination of factors revolving around excessive heat, but it likely won't have much impact on the cattle market.
President Joe Biden recently signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act. The bill is intended to help ease supply chain issues and container shipping bottlenecks.
The Midwest Agriculture Summit was held in Fargo where attendees listened to policy makers speak on current agriculture issues and challenges.
Harvest Hope Farm hosts summer camps that allow youth to experience what life is like on the farm. While it is only for a few hours a day, the little ones get to be immersed in not only the great outdoors, but agriculture as well.
Attendees from six different Asian countries made the trek to Fargo to attend the Food Grade Soybean Procurement Course.
FFA members gathered in Fargo, North Dakota, to attend their state's FFA convention.
While North Dakota saw a dramatic increase in pastureland value, rental rates for pastureland remained the same.
North Dakota has finally left severe drought status due to the spring storm events. However, parts of South Dakota are still in extreme drought status and are in need of moisture.
Titan Machinery was not present at the 2021 Big Iron Farm Show, but will be attending the 2022 Big Iron Farm Show this fall.
Since the disaster of 2019, sugarbeet growers have had far from favorable years.