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White bison calf dies


A white bison calf that was part of the National Buffalo Museum herd in Jamestown has died, according to Ilana Xinos, executive director of the museum.

The 1-year-old female calf was introduced to the herd in June, she said. It was born at the Shirek Buffalo Ranch, and was a descendant of White Cloud, the albino bison that lived with the museum herd until she died in November 2016, she said.

A new bison is not always accepted by the herd and that is what appeared to be the case with this calf, she said. The calf was often by itself and had not been seen for some time.

The National Buffalo Museum Board of Directors decided in May to bring the cow here on a trial basis. A board member searching for the animal discovered its remains on Tuesday evening, Xinos said. There was no obvious cause of death, she said.

“Nature took its course,” Xinos said.