The third annual Pitchfork and Hoe Gathering will be held at the Valley City Eagles Club Friday, Oct. 22 and Saturday Oct. 23. The show is geared towards rural America, but organizers believe the variety of speakers and vendor booths will attract a broader audience.

Both days will feature Kerwin Lund and his blacksmithing as well as a variety of vendor booths throughout the building. The North Dakota Bluegrass Music Association will be hosting workshops on both days for beginner through advanced musicians.

Speakers over the two days include a livestock nutrition panel discussion led by Dr. Andrew Peterson DVM. Lee Manske from North Dakota State University Extension Service will present on grazing practices. Nathan Sayler of Valley City will be leading a roundtable discussion about aviation. Gail Pederson from Be Well Healing will talk about healthy body, mind, and spirit. LeAnn Harner from the Dakota Goat Association will be talking about getting product from farm to consumer and having a profitable goat herd. Mike Martin of Enderlin is speaking on the pivotal role mules have played in western civilization. Rev. Michael J. Flechsig will present “Kingdoms at War” about ghosts and demonology. Tickets are $10 with children 10 and under free.

In the ballroom, the band Monroe Doctrine will be playing from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Oct. 22. The highlight of the event will be a concert from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, recording artist and Cummings, North Dakota, native Seth Mulder with Midnight Run beginning at 7 pm. Tickets are $25.

Tickets for the Oct. 23 concert and “Kingdoms at War” are available at the Valley City Eagles by calling 701-845-2192, or in person at City View Fuel in Enderlin, North Dakota, and Lisbon Oil.