With area farmers doing their spring fieldwork, a poem sent in by Janet Anderson, Fargo, seems timely.

Janet found the poem in a clipping that her mother had saved. It had run in The Forum June 13, 1932. The article reads:

"What with conjecture on every lip and North Dakotans generally holding their breaths - or should it be breath - if present crop prospects will materialize, the following poem by James W. Foley, North Dakota poet laureate now employed on a Pasadena newspaper, seems particularly appropriate.

"The poem, as it appeared in the California publication, follows:"

We've got a crop of prospects that is wonderful to see.

The soil is lush and rich and moist as ever it could be.


The springtime plowing is all done, the seed is in the field,

We've got the prospects of a crop to bring a bumper yield.


The meadowlarks are in the field with chipper chirp and song,

The blades of wheat are showing green the furrows all along.


And as I look across the field as fair as it can be,

We've got a crop of prospects that is wonderful to see.


Now if we get the rain we ought along in May and June

And if the sun so blazing hot don't shine down all too soon,


And if the hail don't wipe us out before the season's through,

And if the rust don't get the crop from too much sun and dew,


And if the hoppers pass us by when stalks are lush and green,

And if we miss a lot of pests that you and I have seen,


We'll likely have a crop of wheat as big as it can be,

For we've a crop of prospects that is wonderful to see.


And though we had drought last year and one year before,

And rust and hoppers and the like, we're feeling good once more.


The fields are moist and lush and green with all the joy of spring,

And out there are the meadowlarks that chirp and dance and sing.


So if we get our rains in time, and if hot winds don't blow,

So wheat will ripen in the heads, if we get half a show,


And hail and rust will pass us by, well, you take it from me,

We've got a crop of prospects that is wonderful to see.


And with that, Neighbors sends thanks to all you farmers out there, wherever you live, for helping feed us and the world. May your prospects really bloom this year.

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