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ESTATE COLLECTOR TRACTOR AUCTION 32 – AC TRACTORS – IMPLEMENTS – PARTS – MISC. In order to settle our Father’s Estate, we will sell the following at the farm located 40467 285th St. Delmont SD or from Delmont SD, go east 3 miles on Old Hwy 18 (284th St.) to 405th Ave. south to 285th St. then ½ west, or from SD Hwy 37 & US Hwy 18 Jcts go 5 miles west on 18 to 405th Ave, go 1 mile north on 405th then ½ west. Signs will be posted on: FRIDAY, MAY 3, 10:30 AM Sharp Lunch on Grounds TRACTORS Note: All Tractors will be available for Internet Bidding on ’38 AC A, WF, Gas, Repainted, Belt Pulley, Fenders, very rare, 1 of 1200 made! SN: 26486; ’63 AC D-17 Series III, Repainted, WF, 16.9 x 28 Rubber, SN: 67724; ’66 AC D-15 Series II, Repainted, WF, New 14.9 x 26 Rubber, Nice! SN: N/A; ’63 AC D-10, Repainted, WF, 11 x 10 x 24 Rubber, Excellent, SN: 6940; ’56 AC WD45, Gas, WF w/ Mounted Cultivator, All Repainted, 14.9 x 28 Rubber, SN: 221177D; ’53 AC WD45, Gas, WF, Repainted. 14.9 x 26 Rubber, Factory PS, SN: 153150; ’54 AC WD45, Gas, WF 13.6 x 28 Rubber, SN: 177903; ‘AC WD45, Diesel, WF, Repainted, 14.9 x 28 Rubber, SN: N/A; ’51 AC WD w/ AC #33 Corn Picker, 2RW, NF, Repainted, PS, 14.9 x 28 Rubber, SN: 79898; ’52 AC WD, Original, NF, SN: 114627; ’50 AC WD, WF, Repainted, 13.6 x 28 Rubber, SN: 61257; AC WD, NF, Original Paint, SN: N/A; ’49 AC WD w/ LP, Repainted, WF, New 13.6 x 28 Rubber, SN: 15158; ’47 AC WC, NF, Repainted, 12.4 x 28 Rubber, SN: 165521; ’47 AC WC w/ Mounted Cultivator, Repainted, NF, SN: 167594; ’41 AC WC “High Crop”, Repainted, WF, 13.6 x 36 Rubber, SN: 109706; ’37 AC WC, Repainted, NF, SN: 34414; ’38 AC WC, Repainted, NF, SN: 66063; ’40 AC WC, Repainted, WF, has 8 Speed Transmission, SN: 101001; ’46 AC WF, Repainted, 12.4 x 28 Rubber, Excellent, SN: 3646; AC B, WF, Repainted, SN: N/A; AC B, WF, Repainted w/ AC 1 Bottom Plow, Excellent Rubber, SN: N/A; ’48 AC C, NF, Repainted, 11.2 x 24 Rubber, SN: 62746; ’48 AC C, WF, Repainted, 11.2 x 24 Rubber, SN: 55547; ’52 AC CA, Repainted, NF, “Traction Booster” Equipped, New 11.2 x 24 Rubber, Very Nice!, SN: 11272; ’52 AC CA, Repainted, WF, 11.2 x 24 Rubber, SN: 18368; ’51 AC UC, Repainted, WF, Fenders, 14.9 x 28 Rubber, Very Rare!, SN: 4065; ’36 AC U, Repainted, WF, 13.6 x 28 Rubber, SN: 12415; ’49 AC G, Repainted w/ Cultivator, Good Rubber, SN: 11152; ’40 AC RC, NF, Repainted, New 12.4 x 28 Rubber, SN: 5165; ’39 AC RC, NF, Repainted, SN: 1289; AC B-112 Lawn Tractor w/ Mower Deck, Original & Running; IMPLEMENTS, TRAILER, GENERATOR, LAWN MOWERS AC Roto Baler, PT, Repainted & Restored; AC Roto Baler, PT, Original; AC #60 PT Combine, Repainted & Restored w/ Stationary 4 Cylinder Ford Motor; AC #72 PT Combine, Repainted & Restored; AC 12’ Tandem Disk; AC 12’ PT Chisel Plow; AC Silage Blower, Long Hopper, Repainted; AC 2RW PT Planter, Repainted; AC 7’ Snap Coupler Blade; AC Snap Coupler Subsoiler; JD 3 + 4 Bottom PT Plows; High Wheel Wagon w/ Tongue, Original – Stored Inside; S&H Silage Box w/ Gear; Early Farmhand Loader with Bucket, repainted; D19 gas motor on stand; WD45 gas motor on stand; PTO generator; 14’ Tandem Axle, Tilt Bed Implement Trailer; (2) Snapper Zero Turn Lawnmowers; AC 3 Bottom Snap-Coupler Plow; (2) AC #66 Combines (unrestored); AC Side Delivery Rake; AC 170 Comfort Cab (new in box); JD stationary engine; JD hand corn sheller; Many AC Parts & Tires (gas tanks, fenders, hoods, battery boxes, tool boxes); Asst. of AC Manuals & Misc. Auctioneers Note: All of these tractors will give you that “WOW” Factor when you see them. A very nice offering. Rolan was very particular in his restorations and tractors. You will like what you see! Internet Bidding available through Proxibid, a 2.5% Buyers Premium applies. Get Registered Today! South Dakota sales tax of 4.5% applies. Visit or Proxibid for pictures. Forklift for loading available. ROLAN ERCK ESTATE, OWNER Info Call: Bill 605-201-3629, Jim 605-212-1070, Bob 605-366-8955 Wieman Land & Auction Co., Inc. Auctioneers - Clerks Marion SD 800-251-3111