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Smile into the weekend by watching these three ag-related TikToks

As you head into the weekend, do so with a smile on your face by watching adorable TikToks.

This cat and chick pair formed an unlikley friendship. (Contributed photo)

Identity Crisis

At one point in or another, many of us have gone through an identity crisis. For this little Highland calf , hers is happening right now. In a TikTok posted by luciasophie5 , the Highland cutie can be seen doing things a dog would do. With the caption, “My cow thinks she’s a dog,” the video has taken the social media platform by storm, acquiring over 1.3 million likes. One user commented, “Let her dream, id she wants to be a dog, let her. Too cute!”

An unlikely friendship

When thinking of likely alliances and friendships, chicks and cats are one of the last to cross my mind. But in a video posted by farnorthlife , we see just that. Captioned, “My cat adopted 11 baby chickens ,” the video shows the furry feline taking on a motherly role, and cuddling her newfound friends. With over 1.3 million likes, the video has users doting over the purring pair, one commenting, “Bye bye mama chicken now we have mama kitten.”

Tail wagging good

For some people, a large glass of sweet tea or a lemonade is preferred after a long day. But for these goat kids in goatdaddys TikTok, a sprite bottle filled with milk hits the spot, all of the kids wagging their tail due to happiness. With over 5.5 million likes, users are obsessed with the kids’ excitement. One user commented, “I love their little tail wags.”



These guys scared me to death, I made one bottle to many...spent 5 minutes looking for a missing goat...##foryou ##4u ##foryoupage ##goatdaddysfarm

♬ original sound - Goat Daddy's

If you find yourself stumbling upon something ag-related on social media that makes you smile or sheds a positive light on the industry, please feel free to share them with me at !

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