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Need a smile? These three ag-related TikToks are sure to do the trick

Rough week? Need a smile? Look no further, Agweek's ag-related TikTok round-up has you covered.

Just some goats and their swing. (Contributed photo)

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Riding like the wind is exactly what @mannodebruyn and her palomino counterpart did. With over 11.7 million views, it is clear that this dynamic duo has the need for speed as they blaze through the forest. One user commented, “I bet this is the closest we can come to actually feeling like we’re flying.”

Swinging into the sunset

This goat owner is determined to make their goat the happiest it can be. How so? By building its own personal swing to be set in the pasture. As shown in the video posted by @leamangreenapplebarn , the goat gets on the swing as soon as it is placed in the pen. There’s no doubt the grateful goat will be swinging well into the sunset.



My mom told me I’m working too hard just for fun. Isn’t that what being a goat owner entails? #goatsoftiktok #faintinggoatsoftiktok #farmher #farmtok

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

New calf on the block

There’s a new kid, or should I say calf, on the ranch. In a TikTok posted by @Kendraharwood7 , a frolicking calf is stealing the spotlight with its cuteness. With over 80,000 likes, users are melting over the ranch’s newest addition. One user commenting, “OMG my heart is gonna burst from the cuteness.


Hi, I’m new to the farm. Help mom pick a name! #farm #calf #minihereford

♬ original sound - For You

If you find yourself stumbling upon something ag-related on social media that makes you smile or sheds a positive light on the industry, please feel free to share them with me at !

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