Israeli startup ScanTask showcases in London

The AgriTask Precision Agronomy cloud platform will be demonstrated by ScanTask at the World Agri-Tech Investment Summit in London Nov. 2 and 3. The agronomic management system is already customer-proven worldwide, providing business intelligence...


The AgriTask Precision Agronomy cloud platform will be demonstrated by ScanTask at the World Agri-Tech Investment Summit in London Nov. 2 and 3.

The agronomic management system is already customer-proven worldwide, providing business intelligence and decision support to leading exporters, agriculture buyers, food conglomerates, agriculture financing and insurance companies, alongside ministries of agriculture
Tel Aviv, Israel, October 26, 2016 – ScanTask , an under the radar Israeli startup, is set to showcase AgriTask, a flexible and integrative agronomic management system, which makes Precision Agronomy and agriculture technologies immediately accessible to world farmers. The demonstration will take place during the World Agri-Tech Investment Summit in London at the Hilton Tower Bridge hotel on November 2-3, 2016.
According to the Israeli startup, low use of field data, agriculture technologies and precision agronomy methods are the Achilles heel of agronomic management.
"With annual losses of hundreds of billions of dollars, agriculture can easily earn the title 'The Largest Unsupervised Production Factory,'" says ScanTask's co-founder and CEO Israel Fraier. "The reason is not the lack of data or smart technologies, but the fact that agriculture managers will hardly use existing technologies, unless they become easily accessible, and save the need to deal with multiple technical systems." Fraier added: "ScanTask's participation at the London summit is a part of our mission to prove that using AgriTask world farmers can benefit right now from Precision Agronomy and advanced agriculture technologies, without the anxiety and high cost of managing multiple technological systems."
AgriTask is a configurable turn-key system, capable of optimizing the crops’ growth processes and answering the agronomic and management needs of diverse agriculture players. The system’s configurability empowers growers to start using Precision Agronomy without changing their work habits, and ScanTask has even created a special Android language for enabling it.
According to ScanTask, AgriTask helps users address crop risks preemptively, secure and increase yield, improve work efficiency and generate direct-cost savings on inputs of 18% and up to 40%.
The system, which in now operating in Israel, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Kenya and Thailand, at more than 30 key market players with over 1,000 farmers, is rapidly expanding to many other countries worldwide.
AgriTask translates agronomic best practices into simple work protocols, which helps farmers to maximize crop yields and to comply with safety and export regulations.
By absorbing and integrating multiple agronomic technologies, AgriTask creates a Farmers Intelligence Ecosystem, which correlates between various data layers of ground data, aerial images, forecast data, and activities that are performed or planned for the specific crop. These data are combined with existing agro-knowledge for the specific crop, enabling AgriTask to provide customized decision support for the various agriculture players.
Apart from being able to provide control and decision support to all gamut of agriculture players, AgriTask also aggregates huge amounts on invaluable real time data on crops and influencing factors worldwide, highly important for modeling and predicting yields, for estimating supply of agro-commodities.
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, ScanTask is led by its CEO and co-founder Israel Fraier, and a group of experienced professionals. The company is now raising capital for rapidly expanding AgriTask globally, and for absorbing and integrating new agriculture technologies and farm systems into AgriTask's features.
ScanTask's board member Thiago Terzi, will present a snapshot of AgriTask at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Showcase, which will take place on November 3rd at 10AM.
Additional information on AgriTask:
For associated farmers, agriculture buyers, financial and insurance companies and ministries of agriculture, AgriTask’s regional management, benchmarking and multi-language capabilities improve the visibility across the entire agriculture food chain, agriculture planning, and the efficiency of assistance to farmers. According to ScanTask, AgriTask’s fast acceptance by key global players is based on two main differentiators:
Using AgriTask’s flexibility, farmers and agriculture managers can immediately benefit from Precision Agronomy from any starting point, without changing their current work habits, for example by just computerizing and correlating their existing field data.
AgriTask is proven to be able to easily absorb and integrate with any relevant agriculture technology, and to introduce the technology to farmers and managers via one easy to access and use system.
According to ScanTask, the same differentiators that enable AgriTask to attract key agriculture players are also the keys for disseminating Precision Agronomy worldwide.
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