In a mid-week slump? These three ag-related TikToks will have you smiling all the way into the weekend

Enjoy these three ag-related TikToks that will make you're week a little brighter.

The young helper had users gushing over his moves. (Contributed photo)

Longhorns just wanna have fun

In a TikTok posted by rancherwade , a mother longhorn is seen playing in the pasture with her calf. In the audio, rancherwade goes on to say “It’s rare to see a mama longhorn playing with her baby like this.” With over 8.7 million views users are gushing about the playful pair. While it may be rare, by the horn flipping and chasing after each other, one thing is clear: longhorns just wanna have fun!

Replacement blues

Jeffreygainer decided to add to his operation, with one calf in tow. While he seemed excited for the new addition, his trusty shot-gun partner was not as thrilled. In the TikTok posted by Jeffreygainer , you can see a sad and sniffling pup in the front seat of his truck. The caption reading, “Pray for Bandit, he thinks I’m replacing him with the baby calf.” With over 6 million likes, users could not get enough of Bandit’s dramatics. One user commented, “A grown man sitting in his truck begging his dog not to be mad...if this isn’t a country song I don't know what is.”



Pray for Bandit, he thinks I’m replacing him with the baby calf. #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #Bandit #cowtok #ranchlife #doglifesmatter #bestfriend

♬ original sound - Jeffori

That Friday Feeling

In a TikTok posted by dunnfamily , a little ranch hand has taken over the driver’s seat during some farm chores. Seen dancing to the country music blasting through the radio while gripping the steering wheel the young tyke is clearly enjoying his time in the pick-up. One user commented, “Matchin hats with pops,” and another saying, “he loves him some music!”


That feeling when it Friday and the end of a very long month!!! #ranchkid #ranchmom #jonpardi #tequilatime

♬ original sound - Dunnparty4

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