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In a mid-week slump? Let these three ag-related TikToks are the perfect pick-me-up

In need of a mid-week pick-me-up? Look no farther! These ag-related TikToks are sure to make you smile.

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Look Ma, no hands! This special sheep is proving all you need are some hind hooves to take the wheel. (Contributed photo)

Look Ma, no hands!

Not everyone can say they have a personal chauffeur, and a sheep chauffeur at that. But in a video posted by farmerzayne , he proves he is one of the lucky few. With his hat turned backwards and his hind hooves taking control, clearly this sheep is cooler than all of us. With the video garnering over 23 million views, users are loving what they see. One user commenting, “Friendsheep goals.” I guess sheep and human friends that drive together, stay together.


Got no where near enough love , repost :(:(:( #johnnythelamb #farm #fyp

♬ original sound - Zayne Hall


A long lost friend

After a week apart, two long lost friends were finally united. In a TikTok posted by _soph.xox._ , she calls out for her donkey sidekick, who’s brays of excitement make it evident that he missed his partner in crime. With over 51 million views, users were taken by the two’s connection. One user commented, “this is so precious he loves you so much.” Based on Sophie’s loving scratches and laughs, I think it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual.


Haven’t seen my boy in about a week, you could say he was excited 🥰 ##farm ##TodayILearned ##fyp ##foryoupage ##donkey ##buddy

♬ original sound - Sophie Hodgson

Wide open spaces

In a video posted by emily_in_wyo , users get to see a pair of foals experience their first taste of wide open spaces for the first time. While they clearly enjoy their newfound freedom, they make sure to not stray away from their mother or each other. One user commented, “look at all that beautiful land for them,” with another saying, “I love how all the mares in the field start circling around their little ones protectively.”


Not very graceful, but the kiddos got to join the special needs herd #wyoming #ranchlife #ranching #horse #fyp #foryou #foalingseason #babyhorse

♬ Freedom - Kygo & Zak Abel


If you find yourself stumbling upon something ag-related on social media that makes you smile or sheds a positive light on the industry, please feel free to share them with me at !

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Bad day? These three ag-related TikToks are sure to turn your day around

Three ag-related TikToks that are sure to make you smile

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