Guillermo Scaglia takes over reins of North Dakota State University's animal science department

Scaglia was recently named the head of NDSU's animal science department.

Scaglia sits in his office.
Guillermo Scaglia has a diverse knowledge of animal sciences which will help him in his new role as NDSU animal sciences department head. Photo taken April 11, 2022 in Fargo, North Dakota.
Emily Beal / Agweek

FARGO, N.D. — Guillermo Scaglia has recently taken on the role as North Dakota State University’s Animal Sciences department head.

Scaglia is originally from Uruguay, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in crops and livestock production from the Universidad de la República in 1989. He grew up within the Uruguay agriculture community and knew at an early age that he wished to pursue a career in the world of agriculture.

“I have been always close to agriculture because my father was a producer, wheat and beef cattle producer,” Scaglia said.

Making the journey over to the U.S., Scaglia earned his master’s degree in animal science in 1994 and a doctorate in nutrition in 2002, both from Texas A&M. Scaglia spent many years dedicated to his research in the animal sciences realm, particularly in grass-fed beef production.

After graduating with his doctorate, took a position at Virginia Tech for a couple of years in a faculty role. He then took a role within the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, where he was a professor at the Iberia Research Station. His role within the ag center ultimately led him to want to take on an administrative role, leading him to NDSU.


“During my last few years at the ag center, I had some responsibilities dealing with administration, and that’s actually what gave me the taste that I am in now,” he said. “The opportunity here at NDSU is really great. It’s a very good department, it is well recognized in the country and outside the borders.”

Scaglia office
Guillermo Scaglia's knowledge of the world's animal production systems will be an asset to the NDSU animal sciences department. Photo taken April 11, 2022 in Fargo, North Dakota.
Emily Beal / Agweek

The faculty and staff of NDSU are looking forward to all Scaglia brings to the department and are excited to see him within the new role as department head.

"We are excited to welcome Dr. Scaglia to North Dakota and NDSU,” said Greg Lardy, vice president for Agricultural Affairs at NDSU. “His leadership skills and his background in beef cattle production will contribute to his success at NDSU. I know he is excited to lead the department’s programs in teaching, research and Extension and to learn more about the state’s livestock industry.”

As for Scaglia, he is thankful for the new opportunity within NDSU and is optimistic about the possibilities that can be achieved within the department.

“I am excited about the department. I am excited about the possibilities of developing more research projects and outreach programs. I think we have an excellent faculty and staff that will probably make my role a lot more exciting," he said.

Emily grew up on a corn, soybean and wheat farm in southern Ohio where her family also raises goats. After graduating from The Ohio State University, she moved to Fargo, North Dakota to pursue a career in ag journalism with Agweek. She enjoys reporting on livestock and local agricultural businesses.
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