Fargo pumpkin patch reopens despite COVID-19

Lil' Bitz pumpkin patch has decided to push through the pandemic and reopen their farm to the public for the fall season.

Mary Hoglund, owner of Lil' Bitz pumpkin patch. (Emily Beal / Agweek)

FARGO, N.D. — Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, Lil’ Bitz pumpkin patch, located right outside Fargo, has decided to push through the pandemic in an effort to give visitors a chance to pick their perfect pumpkin and have a familiar, fun fall experience.

“We were not sure if we were going to be able to reopen this year. So many families come year after year, and it would have been such a disappointment if we weren't able to open at all.

"It's been really fun to watch, people are coming in a little earlier this season and say, ‘This is awesome and we are so happy that you opened and we have someplace to go,’” said Mary Hoglund, owner of Lil’ Bitz Pumpkin Patch.

Lil' Bitz grows eight acres of pumpkin crop. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

Lil' Bitz is taking many precautions to ensure the safety of their customers, and have implemented hand sanitizer stations, hand washing stations and social distancing markers, have been cleaning their tables frequently and much more. Their customers' safety and peace of mind have been very important since their decision to reopen.


"We are just trying to make people feel safe. We do sit on 25 acres, so there is plenty of room to socially distance. We are always happy to accommodate any type of group that wishes to come,” Hoglund said.

However, due to the farm's size and the activities being outdoors, masks are not mandated.

Lil' Bitz pumpkin patch was named after Hoglund’s youngest daughter, "Lil’ Bitz" being her nickname. The farm had originally been giving Clydesdale-drawn wagon rides, but started to see a decline in demand. The family soon decided to incorporate pumpkins into their farm, and never looked back.

“When the wagon rides started dropping off, I thought maybe we should start a pumpkin patch. Our youngest daughter said, ‘Plant some pumpkins and let's go,’ and we have been growing pumpkins for 17 years now,” Hoglund said.

However, after doing some research, Hoglund decided to incorporate activities for the whole family to enjoy, along with having the pumpkin patch experience.

For those who do choose to make a stop at the pumpkin patch, there is a wide range

The farm offers a not-so-spooky walk through the woods as an activity. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

of activities to choose from, including the not-so-haunted corn maze, a nursery rhyme trail, a hay bale fort, pony hops, a not-so-haunted spook walk through the woods, a petting zoo, Clydesdale-drawn carriage rides and much more. Lil’ Bitz has an activity for everyone, ranging in 30-35 total activities on the farm itself.


Social distancing sign reminding people to stay "one Clydesdale" length away from one another. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

Staying true to their Clydesdale roots, the stone social distancing markers, placed six feet apart throughout the farm, have orange Clydesdales painted on them. The markers pay tribute to the 55 years the family has been giving wagon rides with their beloved Clydesdales. The wagon ride activity remains a fan favorite to this day.

The family has been giving Clydesdale drawn wagon rides for 55 years. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

“I think the whole family enjoys the horse-drawn Clydesdale wagon rides that we do,” Hoglund said.

As for the pumpkin patch itself, Lil' Bitz grows eight acres of pumpkins. While the yield of this year’s pumpkin crop was lower than last year, Hoglund is happy with how this harvest is turning out.

“This year the pumpkins aren't as plentiful as last year. But then again, last year we had all the tough weather and couldn't get them out of the fields. We hand-pick the pumpkins. I spend many hours in the fields during harvest,” Hoglund said.

For those interested coming to the farm, it is $9 per person to enter. This fee includes all the activities located on the farm. However, pumpkins are an additional cost.

Lil' Bitz offers a variety of pumpkins to chose from. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

The staff at Lil’ Bitz is excited to continue seeing customers come to the farm and enjoy their time as a family.


“I want them to feel like they built some great fall memories. My favorite part about the patch is to watch mom and dads slow down and play with their children for an afternoon. I just want everyone to have a safe and fun fall in 2020,” Hoglund said.

Lil' Bitz offers a wide variety of fall activities for the family to enjoy. (Agweek / Emily Beal)

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