Corn, soybean crops look 'really good' in southeast MN

Corn and soybean crops in southeast Minnesota have Sam Hansen, growth specialist with Central Farm Service, excited.

SARGEANT, Minn. — Crop farmers in southeast Minnesota have a harvest to look forward to.

Sam Hansen, growth specialist with Central Farm Service, said corn crops in the southeast tip of the state have him excited and are about 200 growing degree units ahead of normal.

Fish Hansen crop stop
Agweek reporter Noah Fish and Sam Hansen, growth specialist for Central Farm Service, stand between soybean and corn crops in southeast Minnesota. (Noah Fish /

"Corn looks really good this year, and we're expecting good yields," Hansen said.

Hansen said the last bit of rain the region got in August would "finish things out really well," as corn was in the dent stage.


Corn crop southeast MN.jpg
Corn crops in Sargeant, Minn. in late August. (Noah Fish /

Farmers in southeast Minnesota can expect to have higher than average yields with their corn this year, Hansen said.

"We're definitely in the above-average category around here," he said.

According to Hansen, populations are all there this year and there's just a "little bit" of tipback in the fields.

Soybean crops southeast MN.jpg
Soybean crops in Sargeant, Minn., in late August still have potential for above-average yields but heat might have taken off some of the high-end potential. (Noah Fish / Agweek)

Soybean crops in southeast Minnesota are in that same boat as corn, said Hansen, although the high temperatures may have taken a little bit off the top yield.

"For the most part, beans look really good," said Hansen.

Some small runs of sudden death and disease in the soybean crop are a concern, but Hansen said not enough to make him less excited for the overall soybean crop this season.


He said there's "absolutely" still a good chance for farmers in southeast Minnesota to get good yields from their soybean crops.

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