Christmas gift ideas for the farmer or rancher in your life

The Agweek team offers some gift suggestions for farmers, ranchers and farm enthusiasts.

Spread some cheer to the farmer, rancher, farm enthusiast or farm family member in your life. (Jenny Schlecht / Agweek)

When it comes time to put a gift under the tree for your favorite farmer, rancher or farm family member, there is no one perfect present. Every member of a farm team is different.

The Agweek team is made up of people who live on farms, are from farms or just have a general appreciation for farm life. Like the people on your farm, we're all different and have different ideas, likes and dislikes. With any luck, our team's ideas can help you find the perfect gift for your farmer this year!

And when in doubt, don't forget that an Agweek subscription is a great gift , too!



Australian hats

Outback Trading's Australian hats offer adequate protection from the sun in a different style than traditional cowboy hats. (Outback Trading photo)

Jonathan Knutson, Agweek Staff Writer

Let's start with three basic truths: Farmers and ranchers spend a lot of time outdoors, too much exposure to the sun risks skin cancer, and experts say basic baseball-style caps provide inadequate protection. Yes, traditional straw hats and cowboy hats can protect you and your family very nicely; stick with them if you like 'em. But if you're looking for something a little different, but that's also durable and practical, you might want to check out this company that sells a nice assortment of Australian-style hats. I have one myself.

Where to buy:

Hands-free LED flashlight-lighted headlamp hat


Get him or her a hands-free LED rechargeable flashlight-lighted headlamp hat for Christmas -- only about $15. Photo supplied. Supplied photo / Agweek

Mikkel Pates, Agweek Staff Writer

If foresight and vision is what you need on the farm this winter, think about giving that farm man or woman a one size fits all, unisex LED knit hat with built in and removable rechargeable LED light. It promotes itself as a light source for all kinds of things — up to 30 feet away. This LED beanie cap is reversible and comes in various colors. You just take out the LED headlight, “change your wearing style anytime and anywhere.” Farmers can use it to find that mask you’ve dropped somewhere between the seats in the club cab, or hunting, camping, travel, walking — anywhere you want to work or play, hands-free. The cap light is provided with a standard USB port for charging battery. That means you can charge it in your pickup truck charger, computer or those portable power banks. I use one something like this for ice fishing or for feeding raw meat to the sled dogs in the evening. It’s also come in handy when I’ve had to go out looking for my wife when she’s tired from my intellectual commentaries during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can pull it over an Agweek logo ball cap to cover your ears, and then take it off when you’re warm in the sale barn or grabbing a cup of coffee at the co-op. They're roughly $15, so you can't go wrong.

Where to buy: or

Heated towel rack

The gift of warmth -- and warm towels -- is a comforting gift in a tough year. (Pixabay photo)

Rose Dunn, AgweekTV Producer

This has been a tough year, so how about giving the gift of a little warmth? Many years ago, I was given a heated towel rack, and I have appreciated it every time I step out of the shower. So this year I'm giving them to my kids, who have recently moved into their own places. You can get them either as a wall-mounted unit or free-standing unit. They are kind of hard to find in local retail stores, but Bed Bath and Beyond has a variety of styles and prices on their website. And of course they always have a coupon available.


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Ice cream maker

Ice cream maker.jpg
An ice cream maker makes memories, along with delicious desserts. (Do It Best photo)

Katie Pinke, Agweek Publisher

During my childhood, in my grandparents’ farmhouse on Christmas Day, we made homemade ice cream with an old, hand-cranked ice cream maker. My grandma created the perfect custard as the base of the creamy treat. I remember watching my uncle cut ice from the nearby lake to fill the ice cream maker around the stainless-steel canister. We added ice cream salt to the ice. Then everyone took turns cranking to churn and create the coveted ice cream. In winter with fewer activities and travel, I recommend bringing back the ice cream making tradition. Purchase an ice cream maker for your favorite farmer or rancher and family. No winter day is too cold for hearty northerners to enjoy ice cream. I recommend the larger 4 to 6-quart electric ice cream makers. It's a bonus if they have a hand-crank option so the kids learn a little work of churning to make the ice cream. Full disclosure, our family business, Pinke Lumber, is a Do It Best hardware store and I ordered an ice cream maker to sell for our holiday gifts selection. Prices range from $57.99 to $274.99 for the ice cream makers here. Homemade ice cream tastes the best when experienced with friends and family. Carry on this tradition for holidays to come.

Where to buy: . (If you ship to your local hardware store or buy from a nearby retailer, thank you for supporting local jobs and businesses in your state. Do It Best delivery is faster than Amazon, we've found.)

Insulated jeans

ll bean insulated jeans.jpg
Insulated jeans can help keep your favorite farmer warm. (LL Bean photo)


Emily Beal, Agweek Staff Writer

Farmers are no strangers to braving the elements, spending many bone-chilling days and nights working on the farm. How about making their chores a little warmer and more enjoyable by gifting your favorite farmer a pair of insulated jeans? The denim on the outside will be able to take the wear and tear of an average day on the farm, while the insulated material on the inside will keep your farmer nice and warm while doing even the most gruesome work on frigid farm days.

Where to buy: or

Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro

The Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro (Mueller photo)

Trevor Peterson, AgweekTV Executive Producer and videographer

In the fall, I love to make fresh salsa from our garden. And this vegetable chopper saves me a ton of time while I do it. I'm not sure how I got along without it for so long. The versatile chopper is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, and if you chop veggies for salsa, or regularly do it while preparing weekly meals, I highly recommend you pick up one of these, or something similar. Plus, when you're done, just throw it in the dishwasher!

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Portable LED Work Lights

LED Work Light.jpg
Battery-powered Duracell work lights can be a helpful tool. (Costco photo)

Al Winmill, Agweek Advertising Consultant

Having a smartphone flashlight in your pocket at all times is great, but sometimes you need something a little more robust. LED work lights are becoming pretty commonplace, but the ones I found at Costco swap out rechargeable batteries for a few AAs. Rechargable batteries are great and better for the environment but also have a finite working life and require a charger plus time to charge. Being able to pop in readily available AA batteries is a great feature. I keep these with my hunting and fishing gear or use them for extra light on outdoor/garage projects around the house.

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Rosies Classic Work Overalls

A hidden layer of ice landed Jenny Schlecht in a pile of slop in the corral, just one of a lifetime of funny farm happenings. (Jenny Schlecht/Agweek)

Jenny Schlecht, Agweek Content Manager


The plight of a small-ish farm and ranch woman is that most things don't fit. Tractors and trucks generally aren't made for 5-foot frames, and I've found myself looking up at the tail head of a cow more times than I can count. I've worn the same pair of extra-large-kid-size insulated overalls since at least high school, and I'm scared of the day they finally wear out. I never had a pair of uninsulated overalls until I was gifted a pair of Rosies Workwear Classic Work Overalls. They come in a short-small size, which fits me just perfectly. And they're tough! The first time I wore them, I slipped on some ice and fell right into a puddle of what I pretend was mud . Hosed myself off, threw them in the washer, and they're good as new. Mine came with removable knee pads for tasks like gardening. They have sizes for not-short people, too, so they'll make a great gift for any farm ranch or woman in your life.

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